Proactive Steps to Safeguard Your Digital Infrastructure

Administration and Device Mitigation 

This article focuses on administration and device remediation, highlighting security’s role in digital transformation.

administration and device migration in digital transformation

The Need to Be Up to Date

It’s no secret that technology evolves at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, hackers do, too. What this means for organizations intent on protecting their facilities, people and data is that they must regularly update to the latest versions of whatever software they are using to keep their network-attached devices from intrusion. 

Mitigation is defining proactive steps to defending network-attached physical security applications and platforms from malicious attacks. Devices may include: 

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Access control panels
  • Application and database servers
  • Application workstations
  • Other network-attached devices that support physical security

The Process

It is important to engage all affected manufacturers that have products deployed to obtain their best practices as part of the overall effort. Many vulnerabilities may be the result of inconsistent operating system (OS) patching, expired SSL certificates, and dated firmware; most security networks do not have direct access to the internet, so an operational gap may exist that leaves devices and applications without current software and firmware.  

How can organizations make sure that does not happen them? It is critical for IT to come up with an updating process, perhaps deploying an update server solely for this issue. When best practices are used, meaning the most current software versions are running, this provides the greatest level of protection against hacks—and if an intrusion does occur, the liability shifts to the software/firmware manufacturer. 

The Nuts and Bolts

To ensure there are no vulnerabilities in an organization’s ability to protect itself from cyberattacks, project teams must address each item of the following issues: 

  • Implementation of new SSL certificates
  • OS patched based on manufacturer recommendations
  • Migrate OS to a currently supported product
  • Firmware upgraded to a currently supported version
  • Default passwords updated and removed
  • Simplified Network Management Protocol (SNMP) disabled
  • Device flagged as the end of life (EOL)

Once the correct firmware and software are updated, new processes should be developed to ensure existing and new hardware/software follow a consistent patching schedule. The only way to have a fighting chance against hackers is to try to stay one step ahead of them; once they determine an organization’s security system is difficult to penetrate, they will likely move on to find one that is easier to pierce. 

The Takeaways

To effectively integrate security into digital transformation, organizations need a comprehensive approach that transcends mere technological upgrades and encompasses organizational change. Key strategies include: 

  • Digital transformation is more than a technological change, but is an organizational one.
  • Physical security and IT must work together, rather than be siloed, to address threats as a team.
  • A robust IoT strategy should include device support, lifecycle management, work order/ticketing, and centralized reporting to streamline security infrastructure maintenance.
  • Current IT tools must be leveraged to help organizations achieve better compliance.
  • All security software and firmware must be up to date since it will be more challenging for hackers to penetrate current versions.

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