About Atriade

Security is evolving from an office operation. Atriade appreciates the diverse requirements that shift requires: a combination of core skill sets in design and risk, as well as support from a diverse team with multifaceted skills.

Each of our project teams is balanced to constitute a unique blend of skill sets required to satisfy the exclusive needs of our customers.







Make security a vital part of your

Organizational Culture

Our management team carries a lifetime of experience in all areas of Physical Security and Electronic Security

Our Team

Mohammed Atif Shehzad

Founder and Managing Director
Mohammed has over 20 years of experience in physical solutions deployment. He has developed security programs for clients in a globally diverse market portfolio, ranging from Corporate and Financial to Higher Education and Transportation. Using data analytics and operational benchmarks, he develops user specific methodologies to establish Security’s proactive role in the organization. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He resides in Hoboken, NJ where he serves as a member of the Hoboken Community Emergency Response Team.

Joseph J. Baker

Managing Director
Joe has over 30 years of experience in physical security, network systems and IT infrastructure. He has worked on multi-national projects providing design, project management and program development services in his fields of expertise. His network design expertise is uniquely blended with his keen understanding of physical security. He is therefore able to deliver solutions which are thorough and mindful of critical aspects of a live security environment. Joe's current focus is on technical program development and application integration for enterprise level clients.

Saif Nomani

Director of Design and Technology
Saif has expertise in physical security system design, project management, construction administration and commissioning services. He also oversees all of Atriade’s design projects and deliverables. His experience includes corporate relocation, higher education and pharmaceuticals. He also has technical expertise in access control, video management, biometric and other electronic security systems. Saif creates benchmarking and risk analysis metrics based on historical client data and current state. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University. Passionate for wildlife conservation, he also holds a Masters in Wildlife Ecology.

Reese Huebsch

Director of Program Development
Reese has an extensive background in physical security operations, management, processes and systems. He brings insight on day to day operations, long term forecasts and contingency planning into his tasks and deliverables as a consultant. He also has a keen understanding of technology and systems. He can therefore create an ideally blended solution, factoring both the operations and systems for his clients. Currently, he is responsible for developing technology profiles, proof of concepts and security roadmaps for end users. He has a Bachelor of Science from The Citadel and a Master of Business Administration from Fordham University.

Cari Williams

Director of Professional Services
Cari has extensive experience working in multiple cross-functional organizations specializing in project and program management, operations and procedures, functional design, digital transformation, and product development. She oversees and manages professional services projects at Atriade. Cari obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington. Her career in the Security industry has spanned working in HR, Retail Loss Prevention, Investigations, Identity and Access Management, Real Estate, and Security IT for Fortune 50 companies.