Our Services

Atriade provides a full-service design and technology offering and employs best practices to develop solutions based on organization’s enterprise standards. Our system design approach focuses on customized and informed security solutions keeping the client’s business operations in mind. We collaborate with the client and project team to ensure network, hardware and electrical infrastructure is compatible to support new security systems. Equally important to security’s needs of functional devices is an alignment of form and aesthetics. We work closely with architects and designers to coordinate door hardware, device aesthetics and life safety considerations.


Design Services

We provide each client with an integrated security technology suite that will satisfy your current and future needs. We listen, coordinate and work with architects and construction managers to select or develop product/equipment specifications, which deliver the right balance for form and function. We provide data sheets and actual equipment samples, identifying color and size. We specify custom paints, mounts or assemblies wherever needed.


  • Functional Requirements
  • Basis of Design
  • Budget Estimates
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Bid Leveling
  • Construction Administration
  • Commissioning & Acceptance
  • Project Closeout

Technology Portfolio

We coordinate internal or external proof exercises to ensure that standards for technology, operations and policies are tested against an organization’s own environment before they are adopted and deployed. We provide recommendations on the resiliency and redundancy of security networks to properly manage and maintain security applications. We collaborate with the client and engineering teams to ensure network, hardware and electrical infrastructure is compatible to support new security systems.


  • Access Control
  • Video Management
  • Building & Lobby Management
  • Network & Infrastructure
  • Biometric Technologies
  • GSOC, SCC & Command Posts
  • Situational Awareness
  • Identity Management
  • Mass Notification
  • Communication Systems

Atriade partners with its clients to establish holistic physical security programs that are risk focused and support business operations. Central to our philosophy of program development is aligning the business and operational vision of our customers. We focus on generating true ROIs by measuring the health of the customer’s potential investment against their unique environment. This methodology ensures that our proposed programs consider the why, what, how and when in comprehensive detail.


Program Services

We create programs from scratch or help evolve existing programs to meet requirements. Our typical process begins with an evaluation of the organization’s current state, moves thorough an analysis phase and finalizes with a detailed master plan that can be operationalized by the client. Creating an accurate risk profile is critical to aligning the business and operational vision of our customers.


  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Governance & Staffing
  • Risk Assessments
  • Standard Operating Policies
  • Crisis & Incident Management
  • Training & Education
  • Master Planning
  • Business Case & ROI

Programming Portfolio

Our programs include detailed current state assessments, future state recommendations, prioritized execution roadmaps and costs. Our engagement is always interactive and progressive. The customer is always heavily involved in our discovery process and kept aware of not just project milestones, but also our thoughts and forthcoming recommendations to ensure that they will align with business requirements. This level of collaboration makes our programs successful by helping the customer get ahead of program roadblocks and helps expedite implementation.


  • Risk Profiles
  • Gap Analyses
  • Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • Policy Framework & Creation
  • Governance & Staffing Structure
  • Organizational RACI
  • Communication & Escalation
  • Incident Management
  • Credential Provisioning
  • Tabletop Training Exercises

Our differentiator lies in bringing our operational knowledge into the software configuration space. In the current industry environment, large gaps exist between identifying requirements and operationalizing those needs. Our approach undercuts this gap by solving the most critical problem first: proper translation of requirements into a detailed functional design catered to the customer’s operation and not to the software’s standard features.


Professional Services

We provide professional services in the area of operational workflow development and program administration. Having operational insight allows us to provide customized configuration of customers’ software applications catered to their specific needs. Our program and policy SMEs conduct interactive workshops and use online mapping tools to layout the operational workflows.


  • Functional Requirements
  • Workflow Development
  • Policies and Processes
  • Use Case Buildout
  • Configuration
  • Administration & Support
  • Change Management
  • Reporting & Audits
  • Define Logic

Services Portfolio

Our professional services extend beyond initial operationalization and configuration into the final and essential part: change management. Our approach is to ensure proper sustainability and administration of application in the customer environment, long after its initial deployment. Atriade delivers cost savings by providing unique value creation, operational flexibility and a competitive advantage. Our SMEs deliver operational knowledge to supplement gaps in your process or employee experience.


  • Access Control
  • IP Intercom Systems
  • Identity Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Incident Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Smart Buildings
  • Case Management
  • Data Library

Atriade’s diversity of services extends into a dedicated program and project management arm. We bring in depth project and task management expertise to our customers by leveraging our technical and operational knowledge. From inception to completion, we take full ownership and responsibility for every deliverable and assign complementing resources to provide redundant quality control.


Project Management Services

We manage projects from an owner’s representative’s perspective. With dedicated project managers, our focus is to provide both high profile executive level updates and detailed task level management. Our approach is to be interactive and facilitate collaboration and coordination throughout the project. Our issues resolution and management are done collectively and collaboratively, with an eye toward finding solutions and rectifying issues.


  • Weekly project meetings
  • Detailed project plans
  • Two-week look ahead planning
  • Meeting minutes and action logs
  • Task level management
  • Executive summary updates
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Schedule and cost management
  • Internal project resourcing and coordination
  • Single point of ownership and accountability

Professional Qualifications

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