Program Development

Atriade partners with its clients to establish holistic physical security programs that are risk management and support business operations. Central to our philosophy of program development is aligning the business and operational vision of our customers. We focus on generating true ROIs by measuring the health of the customer’s potential investment against their unique environment. This methodology ensures that our proposed programs consider the why, what, how and when in comprehensive detail.

Program Services

We create physical security programs from scratch or help evolve existing programs to meet requirements. Our typical process begins with an evaluation of the organization’s current state, moves thorough an analysis phase and finalizes with a detailed master plan that can be operationalized by the client. Creating an accurate risk profile is critical to aligning the business and operational vision of our customers.

  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Governance & Staffing
  • Risk Assessments
  • Standard Operating Policies
  • Crisis & Incident Management
  • Training & Education
  • Master Planning
  • Business Case & ROI

Programming Portfolio

Our programs include detailed current state security risk assessments, future state recommendations, prioritized execution roadmaps and costs. Our engagement is always interactive and progressive. The customer is always heavily involved in our discovery process and kept aware of not just project milestones, but also our thoughts and forthcoming recommendations to ensure that they will align with business requirements. This level of collaboration makes our physical security programs successful by helping the customer get ahead of program roadblocks and helps expedite implementation.

  • Risk Profiles
  • Gap Analyses
  • Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • Policy Framework & Creation
  • Governance & Staffing Structure
  • Organizational RACI
  • Communication & Escalation
  • Incident Management
  • Credential Provisioning
  • Tabletop Training Exercises
Professional Qualifications