Professional Services

Our differentiator lies in bringing our operational knowledge into the software configuration space. In the current industry environment, large gaps exist between identifying requirements and operationalizing those needs. Our approach undercuts this gap by solving the most critical problem first: proper translation of requirements into a detailed functional design catered to the customer’s operation and not to the software’s standard features.

Professional Services

We provide professional services in the area of operational workflow development and physical security program administration. Having operational insight allows us to provide customized configuration of customers’ software applications catered to their specific needs. Our program and policy SMEs conduct interactive workshops and use online mapping tools to layout the operational workflows.

    • Functional Requirements
    • Policies and Processes
    • Configuration
    • Workflow Development
    • Use Case Buildout
    • Administration & Support
    • Change Managment
    • Reporting & Audits
    • Defines Logic

Services Portfolio

Our professional physical security consulting services extend beyond initial operationalization and configuration into the final and essential part: change management. Our approach is to ensure proper sustainability and administration of application in the customer environment, long after its initial deployment. Atriade delivers cost savings by providing unique value creation, operational flexibility and a competitive advantage. Our SMEs deliver operational knowledge to supplement gaps in your process or employee experience.

    • Address Control
    • Identity Management
    • Incident Management
    • IP Intercom Systems
    • Situational Awareness
    • Digital Transformation
    • Smart Buildings
    • Case Management
    • Data Library
Professional Qualifications