Why Investing in Electronic Security Systems Is a Good Idea

More than 10000 burglaries happen in Unites States every day and an organization without a security system has 300% more chances of getting attacked by intruders. In today’s digital world where privacy is a big concern, security comes first. So, it is crucial for organizations to have streamlined, effective, and intelligent security management systems that ensure sustained safety for them. But choosing the right protection & security measures to suit your organization’s specific needs can be a cumbersome and difficult task.



Since 2018, the security culture is picking up pace with the rising security threats and privacy concerns. Do you know what happens if the security of an organization is lax in the digital world of today? One word – Disaster!

Electronic Security Systems – A Sigh of Relief

With a proper security program design, you can be worry-free. Electronic security systems have become mainstream with each passing year, and there is a compelling reason behind it. They have saved billions of dollars since their inception and implementation in residential and business environments. These systems offer immediate and expedient benefits and are primarily designed to protect against break-ins. Crime is a bigger problem than ever, so it is vital to get an electronic security system as your ultimate line of defense. By putting necessary controls in place, the security technology is essentially taking a good care of everyone.

Electronic security systems are helpful for all types of commercial settings. They can work as an effective shield at retail stores, shopping malls, and offices. It doesn’t matter if it is a food packaging assembly, or a large corporate office, electronic security systems can help everyone by fulfilling the regulatory compliance needs. These systems provide users with composure in numerous ways by offering amenities like electronic access control, video surveillance, and intrusion control.

How Effective Are Access Control Systems?

In high risk areas, most of the organizations use electronic access control systems due to their versatile functionality. It provides comprehensive options for identification, authorization, approval, and tracking. These systems allow users to electronically control door locks and helps detect break-in attempts by the intruders.

Access control systems often function as an intrusion alarm system – one of the most popular electronic security systems.

Security alarm system detects intrusion and unauthorized entry, warns the owner, and by doing so, protects against thefts. It alerts everyone quickly and activates the necessary controls which proves highly effective for high risk organizations.



Nowadays, most common electronic access control systems in place include the following:

  • Access cards or key fobs as credentials
  • Card readers to verify that the person has been granted access

Not only that, electronic access control systems also allow you to lock your windows, cabinet doors, and parking gates granting you full control over the entry points of your organization.

Video Surveillance – One of the Most Effective Security Measures

CCTV camera is another popular electronic security system. According to a recent study, video surveillance cameras are a very effective deterrent to intruders. In control areas of buildings, crimes decrease by a sizable percentage due to CCTV cameras. A survey showed that 60% of the intruders would pick a different target if they knew that the building had a CCTV camera. Video surveillance keeps an eye on every activity, oversees the entry points, supervises the infrastructure that is low on staff members, and allows swift action to take place in case of an incident.

Surveillance cameras result in a 50% drop in all types of crime.

To reduce the risk of trespassing, it is vital to choose security surveillance technology. Protecting a business from hostilities is any organization’s main concern and surveillance always helps. It reduces the risk of hazard and allows user to connect CCTV with monitor or smartphone to check the activity around the place when no one is around. For the organizations that seek a security option, video surveillance is the way to go. Video surveillance also keeps the cost low because it prevents both property damages and inventory losses. When a crime is discouraged, it eventually minimizes insurance and liability costs. Investing in electronic security will enable you to access the visuals from your cameras from any location irrespective of time and place. Electronic security is all about providing pure convenience and ease to people. A user can monitor security 24 hours a day and the only thing that is required is an internet connection. Just keep your mobile device close and you are good to go.

Human Surveillance or Electronic Coverage?

Both human surveillance and electronic coverage may be required when it comes to providing an extra layer of security. Depending upon your business premises, you need to do a thorough analysis (or hire someone professional to do it) to identify your security pain points in order to outline your specific security needs. While electronic security systems detect the intrusion, human help can prove to be an instant on-ground action force. However, with the advancements in the physical security space, the need to rely on human help has decreased sharply with more and more people willing to bet their cards solely on electronic surveillance systems. And rightly so!


Investing in the Right Product

If you are looking for options to safeguard your commercial premises, seriously consider investing in electronic security systems to make your organization a safe and secure place. When you look for the best electronic security systems, make sure to invest in great quality products. Afterall, you don’t want to be hacked and get locked out of your own office. So, go for companies that offer comprehensive collection of electronic security systems at the best market rates and make sure to do some research before investing in any electronic security system. And for the most important part, hire a professional security consultant to lay out an optimal and customized security blueprint to install your surveillance devices. Because doing it yourself puts you at the risk of missing out important security pain points in your organization. In the fast-paced world of today, security is not to be taken lightly. Some expert assistance will help you get there and stay safe and secure for the rest of your journey.

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